About Us
Video and audio solutions, Web solutions, Events management – these are the areas of our expertise and the fun things that we do every single second. Given the talent, expertise and experience we have, we are proud of the team at Mind & Media. Really, we are that proud of the team that we decided to mention it twice here. And with over 30 years of collective experience, we couldn't be any better than we already have. And that gives us the confidence in the knowledge that we are able to handle any tasks or challenges that are thrown (not literally) to us.

But our experience and corpus of knowledge is probably not our “killer application”. Where we stand out is quite simply the fact that we – the partners, the people and the souls at Mind & Media, absolutely love what we are doing for a living. And we will be hard pressed to figure out what we will do with our time if we were not doing this (other than having a few good drinks at the bar!).

We can talk football, enjoy a drink or two (ok, we admit - most of the time more than two), watch MTV, shop like crazy and even bungee jump. But when you talk video, audio, web or events – we are the life of the party!

What does this mean for our clients? Well, all the hard work, extra hours, mind boggling challenges are not seen as chores. Rather, we see them as personal battles that we need to win. And when we do win, we find ourselves exchanging high-fives and embracing one another as if we have just won the World Cup!

So if you want to work with a great team that will run through brick walls for you (literally), give us a try. Well don't just try, go for it man! We would love it if we could score another goal with you! Ole! Ole! Ole!