The Insects (click on the names for more details)

Keat (The Gardener)

Keat (pronounce as 'kid') has worked extensively in the areas of video, multimedia, 3D animation and post production. Yes, she's very experienced, no “Keat-dding”. Full-stop.  With her experience and knowledge in video production, Keat has formed the very core foundation of our company. And of course, she takes care of every single detail in the garden.

Anthony (The Webby)

Anthony has managed and owned an audio production studio since 1991. His expertise and experience over the years has seen him through all types of audio engineering works. You name it. He has done it. It's more than meets the eye in Anthony.

Julius (Path Finder)

The stylist. The perfectionist. These are just a few words that one would describe his existence in Mind & Media, other than some feedback that he spends more time in the editing suite than in his living room. Julius has years of experience from a broadcast background. With his keen eye for visuals and talent in online and offline editing, he has proven to be an asset in the company.

Kevin (The new kid on the block)

Alright, he's not that new. Kevin has ample experience from various production houses before joining the company.  A recent graduate from NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Kevin has traveled to India for three weeks to film a documentary with his team and helped produced the convocation video for NTU. His biggest passion: sound & music!

Mag (The Smoker)

Have an idea but don’t know how to say it? Or simply not sure where to start from? Meet Mag, The Smoker a.k.a. The Smoking Fingers. She takes mere ideas and turns them into credible stories. And puts the spin into bread ‘n’ butter facts to size them up into engaging talking points. Wherever and whenever words, ideas, and embellishments are called for, you’re sure to get them from her.

Joey (The People’s Director)

Camera. Action!’…On the set, Joey is the guy that calls the shots and sets the action rolling. But what makes him stand out is his natural flair to bond with the crew and draw out the best from the cast, even if they are in front of the camera for the first time. With years of experience in drama and filming for television, reality shows and commercial presentations, he knows just the right moment to capture the all-important mood, the unforgettable expression, and the precise tone that can make or break a scene. That’s why he’s known all around as The People’s Director!

Greg (The Executor)

He’s the guy that makes the chop and decides which gets the go-ahead. He’s the one who brings pictures and characters to life. Editor and Animator Greg has a war chest of production weapons and a wealth of expertise putting scenes together and making them work for the intended audience. Whether the show is for a rousing commercial presentation, an inspiring down-memory-lane piece or a beautiful work of art, Greg is the guy for it.