Campaign Video Series

Customer Service Videos for Retail SMEs

The six episodes mini series were developed for WDA to create awareness of the importance of customer service in the retail industry.  It was later dubbed into Mandarin to reach out to a wider audience.

Episode 1 - Personal Hygience

Ep 2 - Managing Customer Complaints

Ep 3 - Delivering Services

Ep 4 - Personal Grooming

Workplace Literacy Programme - Mini Series

We again worked with WDA to develop a series of eight episodes, titled “English For Me” to reach out to low wage workers on the importance of English and encourage them to sign up for WDA's English Literacy Programme.

Episode 1 - English for Me?

Ep 2 - Learning English in Class

Ep 3 - Peggy at the Dept Store

Ep 4 - Nasir Serves his Customers