Anthony has managed and owned an audio production studio since 1991. His expertise and experience over the years has seen him through all types of audio engineering works - be it live recording, studio recording, surround sound mixing, audio cleaning & restoration, editing & mastering as well as audio post-production for video & film productions. That was a long list, ain't it? There's more than meets the eyes for Anthony.

As a veteran (he's younger than you think) in audio technology, Anthony has provided professional advice and services for many industry accounts as well as government projects. He was also invited to work with the Yamaha research and design team in Japan to design and engineer practical features in the development of new products.

Apart from audio, Anthony has always been an enthusiast in the latest information technology (why need Gadgets magazine when there's Anthony). A firm believer that one should not stop learning in a knowledge economy, he has also ventured into web-based programming, providing web solutions and back-end services in online projects.

Besides all the technical stuff that Anthony enjoys doing, he's also into inspirational quotes and books. He will be your saviour and inspirer whenever you are down. He's like the light at the end of the tunnel (although sometimes it's the light of an oncoming train, hey, it's still light right!)