Web Solutions

Ever wondered what it would be like to create your own web page? Disastrous perhaps? What about setting up your own email account? Possibly confusing? Heard of FTP? No, not Full-Time-Parent.

Web hosting familiar to you? Ethernet network wiring? SSL explore setup? 
Do not worry. Do not be afraid. We will not mention anymore of the mind boggling technical jargon. 

What we do here is to provide you the solution to your business needs. We are your solution. Simple as that. We specialise in meeting your business needs, ensuring your technological resources are working for you. From web hosting to software consultation, we provide the solution (and your peace of mind) for your business.

Web services include:

  • Standard / Advanced Web Hosting Packages
  • Email Setup
  • Email Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solution
  • Webmail Setup
  • FTP Setup
  • Content Management System
  • Accounting System
  • E-commerce System
  • System Training
  • File Server Setup
  • Proxy Server Setup
  • DataBase Server Setup
  • Print Server Setup
  • Webserver for Intranet Use
  • SSL Explorer Setup
  • Ethernet Network Wiring
  • Optical Network Wiring
  • Telephone / PABX Wiring
  • Software Consultation