Dolby E setting on Sony HDW-D1800

Dolby E setting for Sony HDW-D1800

I would like to thank Mr Tam Tak Choy of Sony, Mr Jackie of CineGear and Mr David of Amx Audiophile Studios for helping out to find the setting to be used on Sony HDW-D1800 to record Dolby E.

To be more precise, Mr Jackie of Cinegear for letting us use the Sony HDW-D1800, Mr David of Amx Audiophiles Studio for letting us use the Dobly E encoders and decoders. Most importantly, Mr Tam Tak Choy of Sony for helping to find the correct setting.

The details of each menu are found in the product manual starting from page 73. Here is a copy of the manual.

Here are the steps. Lets start.
  1. Reset the Sony HDW-1800e factory setting.

    1. Only do this for rental decks or when all fails.

    2. Goto menu mode B20

    3. Select “set” - F9

    4. Select “set” - F9 (yes again)

    5. This will reset the deck to factory default.

  2. Set the system frequency (NTSC/PAL).

    1. Only if needed.

    2. Goto menu 013

    3. Select "On"

    4. Then select one – 59.94i, 50i, 29.97PsF, 25PsF and 23.98PsF

    5. Restart the deck. This is needed.

  3. Set Ext Ref.

    1. This setting is very important for Dolby E.

    2. Goto menu 337

    3. Set to SD. Even when you are doing HD work. The SD is for the Ext Ref signal. Usually the Ref signal is in SD. So set this SD.

    4. This was the setting that caused confusion for me and the unsuccessful recording. So check this setting if the sound is staggering.

  4. Checking of Ext Ref.

    1. There is a cool feature for checking if the “Ext Ref” is working. Just look at the “Stop” button. The one near the “Play” button.

    2. If there is a blinking light in the “Stop” button, then the Ext Ref is not setup correctly.

    3. If there is no light, all is ok with regards to the “Ext Ref”

  5. Set Audio Track to DATA.

    1. Dolby E is data and not audio as we know it.

    2. Usually track 3 & 4 is usually set to DATA for Dolby E.

    3. Goto menu 823

    4. Set the 3 & 4 to “ON”. That is DATA on.

  6. Set the type of DATA

    1. Currently there are two types of data, “Burst” and “Continuous”.
      “Burst” is used for Dolby E. “Continuous” is used for Dobly D.

    2. Goto menu 822.

    3. Set to “Burst”.

  7. The next settings are not in the “Menu” section.

    1. Set audio track 3 & 4 to “AES/EBU”.

    2. Set the Deck's “Ref IN” to “REF”.

Just for checking, set the deck to “EE”. Send the audio in from the encoder and the out from the deck to the decoder. You should be able to hear great sound.


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