mirror a website.

Here is a method to mirror a website. In otherwords to copy a website.

We will be using a linux command line tool called wget. Here is the complete command.

wget \

--recursive \

--no-clobber \

--page-requisites \

--html-extension \

--convert-links \

--restrict-file-names=windows \

--domains domainname.com.sg \

--no-parent \


Another app is httrack.

httrack "http://www.example.com" -O "/home/username/www.example.com/" "+example.com/*" -#L1000000 -v

if stopped then to continue use --continue

httrack "http://www.example.com" -O "/home/username/www.example.com/" "+example.com/*" -#L1000000 --continue -v

Keywords: website static mirror

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