SOP - Production

Production SOP:

Pre-production :


1st brief. To acquire knowledge on the following:

  • Objective

  • Message

  • Eventual “Feel” (or may be free to propose)


Content Scripting (inputs from client and research)

Script drafts reviews

Script approval (To acquire stamp of approval for script before proceeding with shoot)


Visuals Development

  • Storyboarding

  • Visual approval.

  • Production of graphics / animation to start.


Location Recce:

  • Identify logistics requirements (eg. Electrical, accessibility, “on site props”, manpower)

  • Identify filming angles and lighting conditions.

  • Assess environment sound conditions.

  • Assess time needed to move around for shoot scheduling (taking into account the number of crew and equipment)


Script Breakdown for shoot.

  • Identify all logistic requirements in reference to information from recee trip.

  • Identify talents required accordance to scenes and shots.

  • To inform facilitator of requirements.


Plan Shooting Schedule for every shoot day.

  • Shoot schedule to include location details and point of contact.

  • All involved parties to be available for shoot days.

  • Line up scenes and shots to film in accordance to best of logistics convenience.

  • Plan in contingency


  • Filming as planned in schedule.

  • Log scene / shots

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